The 2003

Bull Terrier Yearbook

  1. •  2003 Top Charts:

    1.         Top Bull Terrier 2003 - Ch Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview

    2.         Top Bull Terrier Junior 2003 - Ch Cover Up into Megaville

    3.         Top Bull Terrier Puppy 2003 - Neverland Fireball

    4.         Top Stud Dog 2003 - Ch Emred Devils Chance

A 256 page hard-cover full colour top quality publication including:

2003 UK Dog Challenge Certificate (CC) winners:

        Alecto Kool Barra Cuda of Kilacabar

        Ch Apache Dancer*

        Ch Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview*

        Cardigan Prince

        Ch Dancing Prince*

        Fieldhall On The Rocks

        Ch Lustyglaze Too Hot To Handle at Kilacabar*

        Ch Merlindan Rossetti*

        Ch Penbray Play To The Devil*

2003 UK Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) winners: 

        Ch Acemor Foyri Silver of Dollygroves*

        Bulbrum Porcelain Queen

        Bullard Geisha Girl at Astasia

        Ch Bullyview La De Da*

        Bullywood Babycham at Sherrywells

        Ch Cover Up into Megaville*

        Ch Fourheatons Grandopera Persiflage*

        Ch Kearby’s Bethsheba at Bullyview

        Ch Kilacabar Sweetest Taboo*

        Ch Kilacabar Vampire Slayer*

        Kinmine Betty Boo

        Neverland Cards On The Table

        Ch Tulsadoom Silver Sarissa*

2003 UK Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Arrenbull Fin Mac Cumhall

        Ch Dajan King Of The Road

        Emred Rising Sun

        Kalsar Sweet William

        Neverland Housemaster

        Porton Park Chaver at Charishalee

        Targyt Polar Ice

        Yungwood Dancing Bear

2003 UK Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Elfming Auriol

        Neverland Fireball

        Rightstuff Mist N Rain

        Romagna Rising Flame

        Seayess Silver Wishes for Nethanbull

*Champions made up this year in red

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