The 2006

Bull Terrier Yearbook

2006 Yearbook
  1. •  2006 Top Charts:

    1.         Top Bull Terrier 2006 - Ch Dazlin Defiance

    2.         Top Bull Terrier Junior 2006 - Tulsadoom Isakabuli

    3.         Top Bull Terrier Puppy 2006 - Million Dollar Baby at Llanwenarth

    4.         Top Stud Dog 2006 - Ch Alecto Kool Barra Cuda of Kilacabar

A 312 page hard-cover full colour top quality publication including:

2006 UK Dog Challenge Certificate (CC) winners:

        Bilboen Latin Lover

        Ch Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview

        Ch Dazlin Defiance

        Ch Jayston Tommy Tucker*

        Stockleyview Dark Destiny

        Tulsadoom Isakabuli

        Ch Pastures New*

2006 UK Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) winners: 

        Ch Cwmdulais Love Me Tonight at Gwynsel

        Debully Dancing Daisy

        Emred Devils Essence

        Icacia Tallulah of Merlindan

        Ch Istdonbull Kool Lovin’ at Llanwenarth*

        Ch Karmara Cause A Commotion*

        Ch Kilacabar Kiss Kiss at Malican*

        Rhydaman Creme De La Creme

        Ch Ryberdan Tidal Wave of Kilacabar*

        Ch Terjo’s Jolee at Javarke*

        Wilet Bravespirit at Kholander

        Yendorian First Edition of Fylderiver

2006 UK Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Ch Dajan King Of The Road

        Ch Nosrettap Celtic Star of Kilacabar

        Sherrywells Red Dragon JW

        The Mischief Maker

        Tyebar Groundpower

2006 UK Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Bullyview Funky Music

        Crossgarley Cacharrel

        Million Dollar Baby at Llanwenarth

        Neverland Fireball

        Salutis Miss Penny Patch

*Champions made up this year in red

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