The 2009

Bull Terrier Yearbook

  1. •  2009 Top Charts:

    1.         Top Bull Terrier 2009 - Ch Coxgal Oiche Angel

    2.         Top Bull Terrier Junior 2009 - Odakotas Black Hawk

    3.         Top Bull Terrier Puppy 2009 - Ch Eyona Star at Aricon

    4.         Top Stud Dog 2009 - Ch Alecto Kool Barra Cuda of Kilacabar

    5.         Top Brood Bitch 2009 - Trinity of Peace

A 288 page hard-cover full colour top quality publication including:

2009 UK Dog Challenge Certificate (CC) winners:

        Fr/SpCh Avonjul Astronomer Royal

        Ch Bullyview Screaming Eagle*

        Ch Conreniam Dark Magician*

        Ch Emred Huntsman

        Jackamani’s Celtic Thunder

        IrCh Kelibar Dance Prince

        Ch Lamellar Hinderton Lad*

        Lamellar Love Me Do at Llanwenarth

        Ch Lord Of The Timar*

        Ch Lydsyll’s The Untouchable *

        Odakotas Black Hawk

        Ch Teirwgwyn Son Of A Gun at Meilow JW

        Virtuous Brute Force by Fortifer

2009 UK Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) winners: 

        Bullyview Sheer Bliss

        Conreniam Crystal Clear by Golitha

        Ch Coxgal Oiche Angel*

        Ch Dazlin Delivery for Evaduse*

        Ducassos Contrary Mary

        Ch Eyona Star at Aricon*

        Lamellar Domino Effect

        Ch Llanwenarth Love Potion*

        Padhen Precious Pearl

        Teirwgwyn Rebel Angel

        Ch Warnerdale Looney Toon*

2009 UK Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Ch Bilboen Prince Of Darkness

        Fortifer’s Fiammetta

        Inversu Solo Whisper at Danbull

        Licorice Calhoun at Credetta

        SpCh Ossysdreams Tristar of Debully

        Padhen Abraham Lincoln

        Toatally Osbourne at Kellouacy

        Tulsadoom Abi Albon

        Tulsadoom Get Em In at Dbar

2009 UK Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Abenaki Everlasting Love

        Bobuddy Enigma

        Emred Zurie par Albaeda

        Fortifer Fractious Female

        Nethanbull Lightning Babe with Ceilteach

        Warradcasey Kool Kisses at Joswell

*Champions made up this year in red

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