The 2010

Bull Terrier Yearbook

  1. •  2010 Top Charts:

    1.         Top Bull Terrier 2010 - Ch Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys

    2.         Top Bull Terrier Junior 2010 - Ch Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys

    3.         Top Bull Terrier Puppy 2010 - Ch Megaville’s Visions

    4.         Top Stud Dog 2010 - Ch Emred Huntsman

    5.         Top Brood Bitches 2010 - Trinity of Peace

A 256 page hard-cover full colour top quality publication including:

2010 UK Dog Challenge Certificate (CC) winners:

        Ch Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys*

        Ch Emred Daredevil*

        Ch Lamellar Hinderton Lad

        Ch Lamellar Love Me Do at Llanwenarth*

        Ch Megaville’s Visions*

        Ossysdreams Tristar of Debully

        AmCh Skyline Defies Dazlin

        Toatally Osbourne at Kellouacy

        Tulsadoom Abi Albon

        Ch Virtuous Brute Force by Fortifer*

2010 UK Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) winners: 

        Blazinbullys Miss Sinister

        Ch Bobuddy Enigma*

        Ch/IrCh Coxgal Oiche Angel

        Dazlin Sensation

        Ch Fortifer’s Fractious Female*

        Keznel Hot Diamond

        Lamellar Domino Effect

        Ch Llanwenarth Love No Measure at Bullyon*

        Ch Padhen Precious Pearl*

        Rhydaman Front Page

        IrCh Sugar Spun Sister for Debully

        Terjo’s Abracadabra

2010 UK Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Ch Lydsyll The Untouchable

        Northern Buccaneer of Kilacabar

        Ragnarok Gungnir at Koellen

        Rebelside John Wayne

        Sonny Snow de Garnata Alvejud

2010 UK Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Bilboen Received From Heaven

        Bilboen Star At Night

        Emred Night Fever

        Ch Eyona Star at Aricon

        Gorbain Salacious Suzie

        Merlindan Belisama

*Champions made up this year in red

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World - £15 + £10 P&P (+£1 PayPal) = £26

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