The 2011

Bull Terrier Yearbook

  1. •  2011 Top Charts:

    1.         Top Bull Terrier 2011 - Ch Emred Night Fever

    2.         Top Bull Terrier Junior 2011 - Napier Rosella

    3.         Top Bull Terrier Puppy 2011 - Joint Venture with Rightstuff

    4.         Top Stud Dog 2011 - Ch Emred Huntsman

    5.         Joint Top Brood Bitches 2011 - Devils Diva of Emred & Javarke Deadly Nightshade of Busell

A 272 page hard-cover full colour top quality publication including:

2011 UK Dog Challenge Certificate (CC) winners:

        Ch Busell’s Black Magic at Ounsdale*

        Busell’s Red Knight Rising

        Ch Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys

        Charishalee Drumbeat

        Ch Emred Daredevil

        Jayston Yasmino’s Boy

        Jessajack Blazin Inferno

        Ch Ossysdreams Tristar of Debully

        Ch/AmCh Skyline Defies Dazlin

        Ch Teirwgwyn Paper Gansta at Bullyview

        Ch Toatally Osbourne at Kellouacy

        Ch Tulsadoom Abi Albon*

2011 UK Bitch Challenge Certificate (CC) winners: 

        Bilboen Star At Night

        Ch Blazinbullys Miss Sinister

        Ch Emred Night Fever*

        Gorbain Salacious Suzie

        Ch Keznel Hot Diamond

        Ch Lamellar Domino Effect

        Ch Merlindan Belisama

        Ch/IrCh Sugar Spun Sister for Debully

        Ch Terjo’s Abracadabra*

        Terjo’s Blue Moon over Neverland

2011 UK Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:


        Barking At The Moon with Bilboen

        Bluepoint Pole Star at Kilacabar

        Bulldazzled Son of Darkness at Danathsam

        Hentarw Welsh Warrior from Penpych

        Kescostaff Diamond Geezer

        Ch Lydsyll The Untouchable

        Ragnarok Balder at Polanca

        Sonny Snow de Garnata Alvejud

2011 UK Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate (RCC) winners:

        Kenine Sweet By Nature at Ukusa

        Ch Llanwenarth Love No Measure at Bullyon

        Napier Rosella

        Ounsdale Mighty Medusa

        Romantic Lady Timar

        Warbonnet Illusion

*Champions made up this year in red

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2011 Bull Terrier Yearbook = £18

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EU - £18 + £4 P&P (+£1 PayPal fee) = £23

World - £18 + £10 P&P (+£1 PayPal) = £29

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